4 Foods Tips That Can Help You With Weight Loss

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Are you puzzled with the title of the article reading, “4 food tips to help you with weight loss”? What is the first thing that your dietician would advise you when you visit them for a weight loss plan? Cut down on food, right? They have their own diet plan that most of the times doesn’t go down well with many of you who wish to go for a weight loss plan. This “Starving” technique is not necessarily the only way to weight loss. So you are wondering if there is really any food to help you with weight loss. Yes there are and what we are about to discuss is not food that contains metabolism boosting chemicals. Rather these are foods that are not easily digestible by your stomach. Don’t panic and jump off your chair! What we mean by this is that these foods require you body to burn quite a few calories in order to digest them and burning calories is what helps you in your weight loss plans.

The metabolism rate of your body gets slower and slower with Adele Weight Loss transformation age. In your middle age the metabolism rate is very low. Consequently you body is unable to burn all the fat that you consume in your food resulting in weight gains. So an effective formula for weight loss is to increase the metabolic rate which is what we intend to when we exercise. Similarly there are certain foods categories also that help you in increasing metabolic rate thus assisting us in reducing weight. This is w hat constitutes the 4 food tips to help you with weight loss.


  1. Appetite Supplement – Beans: Beans is an excellent supplement for appetite. If you are wondering what an appetite supplement is, then answer a simple question. What activity of your leads to weight gains? Eating would be answer, right? Yes it is hunger and the amount of food you consume when you are hungry, that leads to weight gains. So if you are able to control your hunger, you would be able to lose weight easily. Beans are a food that is rich in fibers and fibrous foods keeps you stomach full for a longer period of time thus reducing your tendency to eat more just because you are hungry.
  2. Protein rich butter – Peanut butter: Consume butter to lose weight – Shocked to know this? This is true. The ordinary butter that you consume is full of fat and that too, harmful fat. Whereas peanut butter has lots of proteins and fibers in it. Fibers help you in reducing appetite and the proteins in it will help you burn fat by building muscle mass that is lean.