The Samsung 52 Inch TV – See Every Play As If You Were Sitting on the Sidelines

Nothing completes football season like the perfect TV. And it seems that the Samsung 52 inch TVs were made with football in mind. From the top of the first quarter, through halftime, all the way through the final seconds of the game, this set keeps you engaged in the action

Samsung knows that football is a fast moving game and they know you don’t want to miss one bit of the action. So they have two special features that keep your games as sharp as if you were right there in the stands.

Auto Motion Plus 240 Hz

This feature practically eliminates any motion blur. It creates smooth ufabetแทงบอล transitions between frames and produces an undeniably clear picture, that keeps up with the action.

Response Time

All of the zig zags, fakes and fumbles could lead to blurring on a regular TV. However, a fast 2ms response time minimizes blurring while viewing fast paced video for sports like football.

Sports Mode

The Samsung 52 inch TV even have sports and game modes which boost on-screen performance as well as interaction with the latest gaming systems

Your really can’t go wrong with this TV when it comes to sports. It is extensively prepared to perform as a high quality home theater system, so with the proper equipment, you’ll feel as though you were back in the stadium with your team.

So whether its the Samsung 52 LCD LN52A650, Samsung 52 LCD LN52A750 or even another Samsung model, you’ll know you have the #1 pick of LCD TVs.